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Learn About Dermal Fillers

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What are Dermal Fillers?

The Dermal Fillers used at The Good Skin Club are made from naturally occurring substances already found in your skin. These substances decrease in our skin as we get older, and Dermal Fillers replace the lost volume. Dr Pavey is a London Dermal Fillers Expert who uses the most advanced Dermal Fillers aesthetics medicine techniques to ensure that she is always able to give discreet and effective results for her patients.

Are they permanent?

No. You can get permanent Dermal Fillers, but at The Good Skin Club we use a safer brand of non-permanent Dermal Fillers, and we are proud to be regarded as the leading clinic for Oxfordshire Dermatology Experts. Using non-permanent Dermal Fillers means that our patients are not left with lifelong changes, and we can adapt the Dermal Filler to changes in your skin over the years and with each application. In addition, temporary Dermal Fillers are completely reversible. See below for more information.

Are they reversible?

You can get irreversible permanent Dermal Fillers, but at The Good Skin Club we use safer reversible non-permanent Dermal Filler. That means that if our patients do not like their Dermal Filler or feel it is too much, Dr Pavey can use an injection to dissolve the Dermal Filler away from as early as the same day of the application. Dr Pavey is a London Dermal Fillers Expert and by choosing The Good Skin Club you will always be treated with the highest level of care, safety, and professional aesthetics standards.

Will I be aware of the Dermal Filler?

No, the type of Dermal Filler that we use is highly innovative as the substances are crosslinked in such a way that it stretches with facial movement, thus looking and feeling natural. It is created in such a way to produce a substance as close to the natural content of the skin as possible. Dr Pavey has many years of experience using Dermal Fillers and can carry out procedures on all areas of the face. She takes her time to create bespoke treatments for each of her patients, ensuring they are always happy and understand the procedure, in addition to providing thorough care during and after treatments.

Which dermal filler do I need?

As a London Dermal Fillers Expert, Dr Pavey uses a range of different Dermal Fillers from leading pharmaceutical companies to give her patients the best results. The most popular brands used at The Good Skin Club are Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero and Teosyal. The reason Dr Pavey uses different Dermal Filler brands is because some areas of the face require more structure and volume, such as the cheeks. However, it is advised to use different types of Dermal Filler for more delicate or highly mobile areas, like the lips or under eye area. Dr Pavey will make that expert decision for you.

What are the side effects:

The majority of patients experience some slight swelling and mild discomfort up to 24 hours after injection; this is perfectly normal and is part of the body’s natural response to the injection of Dermal Filler. This can be treated with simple paracetamol. A minority of people may have some redness or bruising lasting up to a week. To reduce the risk of bruising from Dermal Fillers, it is advised that patients avoid alcohol or strenuous exercise for at least one day after their treatment.

What are the risks:

Uncommon side effects include nodules under the skin or infection. These can be treated with an excision or antibiotics. Very rarely you may get a blockage of a small blood vessel, however due to The Good Skin Club’s policy of only using non-permanent reversible Dermal Fillers, Dr Pavey can quickly treat this with an injection to the affected area that will dissolve the Dermal Filler and unblock the blood vessel.

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Visit Dr Pavey’s Youtube channel to see videos of Oxfordshire Dermatology Experts administering Dermal Fillers and learn more about Dermal Fillers and its effects. We recommend that you watch the full facial transformation video of Sarah, who was happy to share her experience of receiving Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler treatments from Dr Pavey at The Good Skin Club.

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