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What are anti-wrinkle injections? Is this Botox?

Yes, anti-wrinkle injections are Botox. Botox is the most used brand name and should not be advertised alone which is why you may often read about anti-winkle injections when the commonly used term is Botox. At The Good Skin Club, we are proud to be London Botox Specialists, and Dr Lydia Pavey, our highly qualified, experienced, and skilled aesthetics practitioner has given thousands of anti-wrinkle treatments. Rest assured you are in safe hands when you visit our Botox Clinic in London.

What is Botox?

Botox is a naturally occurring substance made by Clostridium Botulin. In large amounts the substance acts as a toxin but in the very small doses used to treat wrinkles it has an effect by preventing muscles from working at their maximum effort thereby reducing the production of wrinkles. The Good Skin Club is the Best Botox Treatment Berkshire has to offer, and you will be delighted to find our discreet, relaxing, and welcoming clinic. As our valued patient, we will always ensure that you never feel rushed, and you are always listened to; our goal is to ensure that you leave the clinic having received exactly what you want.

Will I still be able to move my face?

Yes. When anti-wrinkle treatments are done properly, you should still have some movement on your face, but you look will brighter, fresher and with a reduced appearance of wrinkles. Some of our patients have said that they look and feel ten years younger after having their anti-wrinkle treatment, which improves their self-confidence.

How long does it last?

It depends on the area it is applied. In areas that are more mobile like around the lips it does not last as long as around the eyes and forehead but in general effects from Botox can wear off anywhere between 3-6 months. People often get anti-wrinkle injections three times a year. Book your free initial consultation at our Botox Clinic in London’s Harley Street, and Dr Pavey will give you a bespoke treatment plan, with no obligation to go ahead with the treatment.

Will it hurt?

At The Good Skin Club, we use the smallest needles possible. They are much smaller than those used in vaccinations or blood tests. Because of this, most people do not need any pain relief during their treatment. The Good Skin Club is the London Botox Specialist, so if you are concerned about needles, then we can use a highly effective numbing cream that is quick and easy to use, and you will not feel any discomfort during your treatment.

How will I know how much Botox I need and Where?

Dr Lydia Pavey will advise you on the amount of Botox and areas required in order to achieve the results that you are looking for. The type of Botox treatment is different for everyone because facial anatomy, muscle size and location of wrinkles are different amongst individuals. Likewise, the amount of wrinkle reduction that people request differs. At The Good Skin Club we provide the Best Botox Treatment in Berkshire, and our excellent reputation is supported by the fact that all of our practitioners hold the highly regarded Level 7 aesthetics medicine qualification.

What are the side effects?

There may be some slight bruising after the procedure that will last a few days. Though this is very rare with our patients, and within ten minutes of the procedure it is usual to not be able to tell that you had any Botox at all.

What are the complications?

Botox placed in the wrong area can affect muscles that were not the target and therefore cause weakness of muscles that are unintended. For example, wrong placement at the forehead can result in a droopy eyelid. To avoid this, use an experienced clinician and follow the post Botox care advice closely. At The Good Skin Club, we pride ourselves in being highly qualified, experienced, and expertly skilled in aesthetics medicine, and we used the most advanced techniques and procedures to ensure our patients’ safety is always our priority.

How much will it cost?

Prices are divided up by area. The forehead, between the eyes, around the eyes, around the lips and at the neck all count as different areas. Sometimes it is recommended to treat multiple areas in order to get the best results, but the number of areas treated is up to you and what suits you best. We have a list of prices on our website at the following link, and all initial consultations are free and there is no obligation to go ahead with a treatment.

Will people know I’ve had Botox?

When Botox is done well it does not leave you with that ‘frozen look’- though some clients specifically request this, so we always remain flexible and adapt to the needs of our patients. The anti-wrinkle treatments given by The Good Skin Club will ensure that you are still able to animate your face and express your emotions normally, but not to the maximal extent (thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles).

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Visit Dr Pavey’s Youtube channel to see videos of Dr Pavey administering Botox and Dermal Fillers at our Botox Clinic in London and learn more about Botox and Dermal Fillers and their effects.

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