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Aesthetic Treatments For Women Whatever Your Age

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Who Are You?

The Good Skin Club provides London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire Medical Aesthetics treatments, and our patients receive anti-aging procedures from our skincare expert, Dr Lydia Pavey. Grouped by age, our patients’ common skin concerns and desires are explored below. Find yourself from these three options. If you don’t identify with any of these, all of Dr Pavey’s treatment plans are specific to you and your first appointment to discuss your concerns is complimentary.

I am.. aged 20-30 years.

You are Young & Vibrant! You are looking at beautifying rather than anti-ageing treatments. You are looking to boost what you already have. You want to look great in photos and without make on #no filter. Although less common, even 20 to 30 year-olds have anti-aging skin concerns, which may be a result of genetics or perhaps lifestyle. Our advice is to not allow your skin to get too much sun damage and moisturise daily. If your skin is still a concern, then consider using professional aesthetics treatments such as Anti-Wrinkle Treatments for minor ‘tweaks’ to your appearance to prevent the early signs of aging. The Good Skin Club is always here to offer advice and help!

Common Treatments include:

Cheek Dermal Filler:

This creates high cheek bones, the ‘Supermodel look’, which can help define your face and create a flattering reflection of light showing off sculpted cheeks.

Lip Dermal Filler:

Bigger, well-shaped lips are easy to achieve. There are many different styles that Dr Pavey can create for you. From a well-defined cupids bow, to a more even shape. Dr Pavey will discuss the treatment plan with you to ensure that your Lip Dermal Filler looks exactly the way you want it.

Jawline and Chin:

Dermal filler along the jawline can create a slimmer look, defining your face separate from your neck and creating a more flattering silhouette. Fillers adds contour to the jaw without the need for makeup. The chin can be elongated or made more pointed to harmonise and balance your face.

Nose Reshaping:

Dermal filler can help to improve the appearance of the nose. Dermal filler can be used to straighten a nose, smooth out bumps at the nose, lifting the tip of sagging nose, make a nose perter and more refined or lift the bridge of a nose.

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I am.. aged 30-50 years.

You’ve been busy, bringing up families, going to work and helping others, now you’ve decided its times to focus on yourself. You know your strengths and weakness and are confident in your look, but you want to regain that fresh feeling you had ten years ago. All that hard work has started to show in your face, and you want to look as though you have had the best facial of your life. If this sounds like you, then you are always welcome to see Dr Pavey at The Good Skin Club. Our different clinic locations enable Dr Pavey to be a London, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire Medical Aesthetics expert.

Common Treatments include:

Treatment of Early Wrinkles:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are especially effective at the forehead, between the eyes and around the mouth. Relaxing these lines can make you look fresher and happier. Our patients are always very pleased with the results of our Anti-Wrinkle Injections treatment, and regularly comment on how this short and safe procedure can reverse aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and make them look and feel so much younger.

Treatment of Early Facial Volume Loss:

From aged 30 upwards we lose volume in our face. In particular, the apples of our cheeks and under our eyes lose volume creating an aged look. In addition, this can cause increased lines from the nose to the mouth and the hint of jowls at the jawline. Our face starts to look tired. Dermal fillers under the eyes, at the cheeks and jawline can help return a youthful appearance to the face. Dr Pavey uses the most advanced Dermal Filler techniques, and her many years of experience, study and training in aesthetics medicine ensure that her patients are always in safe hands and get the outcome they desire.

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I am.. aged 50 years and upward

You are wanting to age gracefully, whilst getting through the menopause and keeping your natural beauty. You are battling with the new challenges that menopausal skin has brought and noticed that there has been some increased facial ageing during this time. You want to look fresher and see in the mirror the person that you feel inside. It is never too late to start your aesthetics medicine journey, and the benefits to your self-esteem, confidence and happiness is invaluable! Book a free initial consultation at The Good Skin Club to receive a bespoke treatment plan from Dr Pavey.

Common Treatments include:

Global Dermal Filler:

This approach is especially useful in this age group to replace lost volume. Dermal fillers can create a non-surgical facelift by lifting the skin, plumping it out and reducing the effects of gravity. This delivers a natural looking appearance.  Areas that respond well to treatment to give a refresher look is the temple, cheeks, the area around the mouth and the jaw to diminish the appearance of jowls. All these areas lose volume as we age, giving the appearance of looking tired. In some cases where a patient has deep wrinkles, Anti-Aging Injections are not a suitable treatment option as it will not replace the lost volume. However, the appearance of deep wrinkles can be reduced by placing Dermal Filler under the wrinkle to support the skin and replace lost volume.


They say that the ‘hands never lie’, however at The Good Skin Club we don’t believe this to be true. Hands need not give away your age, and Dermal Filler expertly used in this area is highly effective at reducing the appearance of bony hands, bringing back a youthful and smooth skin appearance.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are a truly remarkable breakthrough in Aesthetics Medicine, and it reduces the appearance of wrinkles that appear naturally on our faces over the years, mostly caused by our daily facial expressions. In particular, the most common areas of the face treated are the forehead, around the eyes and between the eyes. Even little lines around the mouth may respond well to Anti-Wrinkle Treatments.

Menopausal Skin Care Advice:

Good skin care advice is essential to compliment the above aesthetic treatments. You can also watch Dr Pavey’s Youtube video on menopausal skin to learn more.

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